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Our beauty therapists will offer you a sensory experience, handling reknown natural
Mexican products.

Massages La Casa Que Canta
Massages "La Casa Que Canta" list

Mexican Massages

Relaxing 55-85 mn
This full body massage uses pure essential oil extracts which induce relaxation, relieve tension and soothe tired muscles.

Relaxing Back 30 mn
Intensive massage and muscle reconditioning techniques to relieve muscular tension.

Relaxing Legs 30 mn
Invigorating leg treatment combining manual lymphatic drainage with a personalized aromatherapy oil blend to relax and relieve tired, heavy legs and eliminate toxins.

Deep Pressure 55-85 mn
Using moderate to deep pressure, this massage mixes stretching, percussion and compression to help your muscles increase flexibility and prevent injury.

Plantar Reflexology 30 mn
Based on the principle of stimulating feet reflex points, this pressure technique provides energy, balance and well being.

Scalp and Face 30 mn
Wonderful for easing stress-related knots and melting away tension and anxiety.

Mexican Body Treatments

Nopal Anti-cellulite wrap 80 mn
Exfoliation, combined with a "nopal" gel wrapping and a lymphatic massage will help eliminate the rest of the toxins from the body.
Please make an appointment one day in advance.

"Toronjil grass" wrap 80 mn
Relaxing, regenerating and revitalizing treatment.

"Toronja" wrap 80 mn
This treatment detoxifies, tones and provides vitamins.

Manicure Pedicure 55 mn

Massages CLARINS
Massages CLARINS
Treatments CLARINS



Massages "La Casa Que Canta"
Massages La Casa Que Canta
Treatments "La Casa Que Canta"
Manicure & Pedicure