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Facials by CLARINS
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Our beauty therapists will offer you a sensory experience, handling CLARINS
aroma-phytotherapy products of world wide reputation.

Massages, Treatments CLARINS
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Facial Treatments CLARINS

Radiance 60 mn
The nourishing and energizing extracts of papaya, kiwi and orange enhance the skin's condition while the stimulation of the "Clarins Touch", boosts blood circulation and lymphatic flow to restore the skin's natural radiance and vitality.

Gentle 60 mn
A source of pleasure for sensitive skin. It soothes, minimizes redness and helps calm your skin while moisturizing, restoring and rebalancing the skin's natural defense system.

Hydrating 60 mn
The perfect solution for tired, dehydrated skin. Revitalizes, deeply moisturizes and replenishes for a radiant complexion.

Purifying 60 mn
Pure radiance and rejuvenation for combination and oily skin. Cleanses, purifies and refines the skin's texture.

Age Defying 60 mn
The perfect treatment for mature skin. Smoothes away lines and wrinkles for a radiant, youthful-looking complexion.

Massages CLARINS
Massages CLARINS
Treatments CLARINS



Massages "La Casa Que Canta"
Massages La Casa Que Canta
Treatments "La Casa Que Canta"
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